Gainsborough Trinity Foundation

It’s been a busy period for the Foundation since the season finished. We have had numerous sessions running, from school sessions to care home work. We even started up a new session last week, introducing goalkeeper coaching to Gainsborough. We’re delighted with the response from Oakley’s first sessions and are excited to see the development of our own goalkeeper schools.

The end of the week means the end of the term. Which means we are ready to get going on our Soccer School’s next week. We have added days on to our original dates, so we will be running next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-3pm at Roses Sports Ground. It’s sure to be a busy few days so please make sure you book your child on in advance.

It’s great to have this platform to reach out to the fans. Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page Gainsborough Trinity Foundation for news as well as the club website. Thank you all for your continued support. Gainsborough Trinity Foundation Team.

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